А ви знали, що англомовні люди інакше сприймають час? Особливо добре це усвідомлюється тоді, коли починаєш розбиратися з Present Perfect. З точки зору української мови, якщо дія завершилася (пройшла), значить, час має бути минулим і ніяк не теперішнім. На перший погляд, складно, але зараз ми все розкладемо по поличках. Вивчивши Present Perfect, ви не просто засвоїте частину граматики, а подивитесь на час очима носіїв англійської мови. Цікаво? Приступимо!

Present Perfect - вебінари, правила, приклади і вправи

Experience  досвід

To matter – мати значення

Habit  звичка

During – протягом

Не забудьте пройти вправи в кінці.

1. Use present perfect to talk about past actions without specific time and when only result matters.

  • I have started reading a new book.
  • I have graduated from university.


2. A finished action with a result in the present (focus on result). 

We often use the present perfect to talk about something that happened in the recent past, but that is still true or important now. Sometimes we can use the past simple here, especially in US English.

  • I've lost my keys. (so I can't get into my house)
  • She's hurt her leg. (so she can't play tennis today)



Present perfect = have/has + V3

We use this tense for unfinished and finished actions.

Finished Actions

3. Use present perfect to talk about life experiences. 

These are actions or events that happened sometime during a person's life. We don't say when the experience happened, and the person needs to be alive now. We often use the words 'ever' and 'never' here.

  • I have been to Tokyo.
  • We have never seen that film.


Unfinished Actions

1. When we want to talk about unfinished actions, states or habits that started in the past and continue to the present. 

Usually, we use it to say 'how long' and we need 'since' or 'for'.

  • I've known Karen since 1994.
  • She's lived in London for three years.



With an unfinished time word (this month, this week, today). The period of time is still continuing.

  • I haven't seen her this month.
  • She's drunk three cups of coffee today.

We CAN'T use the present perfect with a finished time word.

NOT: I've seen him yesterday.

Потренуватися і пройти вправи  тут.



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