Wartime. Stories of our Colleagues: преподаватель YC Алексей Терновой

Как ни странно, у многих людей с началом войны работы прибавилось. О службе в информационных войсках и волонтерстве рассказал преподаватель Yappi Corporate Алексей Терновой.


Life During Wartime, Pt. V: преподаватель YC Алексей Терновой


On the information front, it’s really not that easy to reach common sense, as people don’t want to face obvious and truthful things. The nature and psychology of man are such a complicated thing that it is difficult for our brain to distinguish between ideas and judgments in which it has believed for many years. Man to the last seeks to justify those heroes whom it  has admired all his life, and stubbornly continues to interpret current events through its distorted prism.

That is why now we need to tell the world the true facts about Ukraine, our cities, our nation and language. And what is no less important is to spread the facts about our past, about our historical territories and culture, about our identity and about our heroes.

In the Yappi teaching family, we’re also working on the information front. You don't have to be at the forefront in order to be useful. This opinion is supported by the teacher of English and Spanish Oleksiy, who is now in the reserve of Boyarka's defense.

“War is terrible and cruel. We have to translate horrible things into Spanish,” says our teacher. “But this must be done, because, for example, in Spain, Russian propaganda is very serious. Ukraine has been positioned as a disobedient part of Russia. As for the language, for example, Ukrainian proper names are written with Russian letters. The support of Ukrainians here is also much lower compared to the humanitarian aid in Poland.”

Oleksiy emphasizes the importance of emotional support for each other. We shouldn’t let the war deprive us of the main thing: our ability to enjoy life and being human. Together with other residents of Boyarka, Oleksiy bakes bread and distributes it to the elderly, once he helped to catch a saboteur, and even having a roof pierced by a fragment of a rocket, Oleksiy advises to look for a reason for happiness.

  • reach common sense – достучаться до здравого смысла
  • distinguish between ideas and judgments in which it has believed for many years – расстаться с идеями и суждениями, в которые он верил многие годы
  • defense – оборона
  • disobedient – непокорный
  • humanitarian aid – гуманитарная помощь
  • emphasize the importance of emotional support – подчеркивать важность эмоциональной поддержки
  • deprive – лишить
  • saboteur – диверсант
  • a roof pierced by a fragment of a rocket – пробитая обломком ракеты крыша
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